Forward Scheduling and backward scheduling


In AX 2009 master planning, where to set these two different scheduling methods?



In Production order details we have button–> UPdate–> Operation scheduling → in field Scheduling Direction we have options for forward and backward scheduling.

Hope this helps.



Thanks. However, if I run a master planning, and it creates planned orders. I thought the forward or backward schduling need to be chosen before creating the planned orders, because that will determine the requirement date and delivery date etc.

The system is driven by the initial required date of the demand and the settings, will schedule backwards from the requirement date and then forward if no capacity to suggest a futures date. Try it by setting a product 10 days in the future with all produciton stock, it will schedule backwards, then remove a component with lead time 15 days and it will schedule forward, cannot go backwards because a constituent part will not be present.

Thanks @AdamRoue. So in the AX system, globally, it will schedule backward first, if not able to meet by capacity, then forward scheduling?

It tries to fulfill the date it is originally required on, so yes.

The previous poster references the scheduling options when you are scheduling an order yourself where you define the details based upon how you want it scheduled.

Try it and see.