Forms - Trigger: OnQueryCloseForm

Hey, in the described trigger i’ve enter code for a table-check. But this part seems to bring trouble: IF FIND(’-’) THEN REPEAT IF (übertragen = TRUE) AND (Basispreis = 0) THEN Erg := FALSE; UNTIL NEXT = 0; Even if no record is changed i always get the message “Do you want to rename the record ?”. But i did no changes. I simply opened the form and immediately closed it. How can i prevend this message ? btw: if i disable this lines from execution there is shown no message, although there is more code to execute in this trigger. We’re using navision DE2.50 Stefan Weinreich Billing Analyst

The way you do it, you “take away” the record that your form expects to have in touch. So when “next = 0” is true your form expects to have for example record 10, but you switched already to record 500. For the form it looks like, as if you changed the primary key of the actual record. So do your check on a variable (= MyVar.Find, MyVar.Next), not on Rec. Or you save the actual record before your check, and then write it back after the check.

Hey Richard, thanks so far. Although it’s not really clear to me it helps. Stefan Weinreich Billing Analyst