Formatting text on Posted Purchase credit memo


It is going to be a rookie question

After the posted purchase credit memo is Printed off the shipping address is not fitting up the window of the envelope.

Can anyone help me through development environment how i move the address to fit in the envelope window screen ?


Hi Zohaibsm,
Which version of NAV is this?

If classic version (… 2009) then you do this directly from the object designer in the client (Finsql.exe or fin.exe). If post 2009, then from the report designer in the development environment, but here using either Visual Studio (RDLC) or SQL report designer.

Hi Erik

I am using 2015


Then you need to use Visual Studio for this. From within the NAV report designer open the “Layout”.
Then from within here you can just move the fields around as you like.

Hi Zohaibsm,

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