Formatting Line Item Number


When you create a contract in AX2012 , the contract number is managed from the sequence Number properties.

My concern is that the Contract Line Number , is showing 1,0000000 which is not very clever as the line number is always Integer + 1.

So line item ( contract line item etc ) can be 1, 2 , 3 and nothing else.

How can I change the display of the Line Level Number to be without Decimal ?


Is it a customized one or standard?

Line number in AX are not always integral number - if you insert a line between lines 1 and 2, its number will be 1.5. Nevertheless line numbers aren’t normally shown to users, exactly because they’re used only to store line order.

But your contract lines doesn’t seem to follow these practices.

If you really want to display the number without decimals, get a developer to change the value of NoOfDecimals property to 0, either on the extended data type or directly on the form control.

Thanks , I will try out this insertion in between lines , to see the behavior , I was not aware of such thing.