Formating HTML for raports./invoices

I need to reformat HTML for sending out reports/invoices, i can’t find where would i do it in Navision (I’m using SQL version) Best Regards Jakub

Just create a raport and use RAPORT.SAVEASHTML somewhere in your program. £ukasz Konewka

If you prefer to allow the user to choose if he wants the HTML format, you can let him use the menu File - Save as HTML. -------------------------------- To Save a Report in HTML Format: Click File, Save as HTML. You can also save a report in HTML format from either the request form of the report or from the Print Preview window. When you click Save as HTML, the report will be generated and converted to HTML format. You can then choose the name of the file in which you want to save the report, and the folder in which you want to store this file. When a report is saved in HTML format it will not be printed.

You might also consider creating pdf’s, as html presents a couple of problemas regarding the formatting (pagebreaks, page orientation and size, etc). There are a couple of shareware and freetools around that allow you to create pdf’s from Navision (cutepdf, pdf995, amyunis, pdfmailer, etc.) Saludos Nils

Thank you guys for help, I have no problem with saving invoices (that’s my main concern) as html or sending them via email, the problem is that the HTML formatting (code) is kind of screwed, I’m very fluent in HTML and I would easily correct it but I need to find a place in Navision where that HTML code is stored to be able to correct it. I can of course save as HTML → open it → correct it → and send it out, but that’s very time consuming and that would require sales person to learn htlm :-), Today I’ll check third party tools mentioned by Saludos, and I’ll be playing around with “Object Designer”’ I’ll let you know how that goes… (exact problem scenario: In Navision (3.10 SQL version) I go to → “Sales & Receivables” → “Posted Invioices” → “Invoicing” tab → “Print” → “Preview” (Invoice in preview mode looks good) → now u can “Save as HTML” or “Send report by Email” → open saved invoice and I see: Customer ID/PO #/Ship Date etc. all completly moved around ) Hey £ukasz Konewka I drop some message for you in “private messages” section; I’m from Poland too :-). Best Regards Jakub

Has anyone tried PDF mailer, it works like a charm. Go to and you can get more details. Its much much better than HTML and you have no hazzle of formatting. Thanks Best regards Suresh New York.

yoooohooo Saludos and Suresh! PDF mailer work’s great. Free version add only little bar of commercial on the top of document I’m sure our clients can live with that. Jakub