Formataddr array

Hi. I want to remove the Bill-to-contact field from the billing address on my invoice report. I see that this is set up as an array in formataddr. Is there anyway I can remove this field from the formataddr function?

I usually do something like this:

FOR ind := 1 TO ARRAYLEN(addressarray) DO

IF addressarray[ind] = “Bill-to Contact” THEN

addressarray[ind] := ‘’;


Not very elegant, but it does the trick. [:)]

just delete the control from the section designer

Thank you for your help. However I get an error message that says “unknown variable ind”

I suppose that I need to replace “addressarray” from your script with the array I am using. In my case this would be Custaddr. Am I right?

I’d say it isn’t neccesary to accomplish this via code…just delete that [arr] [i] (check the report output to identify the [i]) and simply delete it from the section designer…

I don’t really understand what you mean I should delete, but now I figured it out using code… I had to alter the code a bit, so now it looks like this:

FOR i := 1 TO ARRAYLEN(CustAddr) DO

IF CustAddr[i] = “Bill-to Contact” THEN

CustAddr[i] := ‘’;


Thanks for all your help…

You cannot do it like that. As the “Bill to contact” is not always in the same AddrArray[] !

The general idea is to go through the array filled by the appointed function, find the element containing the Bill-to Contact value and clean it.

In my sample of code “addressarray” is the array name, your Custaddr, ind is an integer variable which you must define in the globals.

I hadn’t noticed this post. I see you managed to interpret my suggestion correctly. Good work! [Y]

Sorry for having been careless in my explanation.