Format TIME to show hh:mm::ss


I wasn’t sure about creating another topic, so I just changed the status of this to post another relationed question… I want to format de TIME var to show hours:minutes:seconds, not miliseconds. I can’t use the FORMAT function so it returns a Text type and I need to assign the value to a Time var


Yes, please create a new topic.

A/ it avoids confusion on what the topic is discussing.

B/ It makes it easier for the future when pople are searcing for help.

C/ Many memebers will already have read the old topic, and think it closed, so wont re-read it.

If you only want to show the date-time, use the Format-property on the textbox. Write e.g. “<day,2>-<month,2>- / :<minutes,2>:<seconds,2>”.

Easy anfinnur,

thanks so much !!