Form with Tree control

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I want to create some hierarchical relation between employees using tree control in form.

please give some idea.


Look to AOT at tutorial_Form_TreeControl.


i have created the hierarchy structure. now i want to write executequery method on the datasource empltable_ds with a range that is equal to the selected employee from the tree .

pls help


just override the selection cahnged method of the tree control and get range value in the query range object and then call the execute query method of the datasource and apply the query range to the datasource query.

thanks!!! Martin & Yasir its working now.

one more query : i took help from tutorial_Form_TreeControl , i got the tree structure but there is a + (plus) sign if the node has no child. how to reslove it ?

i want that the node that has no child should not contain any +(plus) sign.

pls help …its urgent

As far as I know, it depends only on the _children argument in SysFormTreeControl::addTreeItem. Is it set to false for your leaves?

Hi Manish,

I am also trying to do the same… Plz help how to do the same and if u have the xpo, plz send me and its really urgent…

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Hi Kevin,

My form was only inquiry from so , I built my tree through query , my form has no data-source. It is only to get info in tree structure depending upon some hierarchical rules.

If u want code to fill tree then pls give ur mail id , i will send that code (function)



Hi Manish,

Thnk you for your reply… is my mail id… Thank you once again…



Do you know how to fill the tree with datasource …

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