Form Refresh

hi every one,

Can any one help me sort small issue.

I want to refresh my form whenever i move different records in grid. When i move cursor to different record in grid then form should get refreshed…

Thanks in advance.

Hi ,

try with



After ur code

Hello jyothi,

Thanks for quick reply.

In which method should i use the reread and refresh statement?



I am Able refresh data source. But in my form i am enabling and disabling buttons whenever i move cursor to different records in grid.

Hi Rajendra,

where ever ur enabling and disabling the buttons after that u try to refresh…and after that write Datasourcename.executequery()

Hi Jyothi,

I am enabling and disabling buttons in data source active method. Form is continuously refreshes if i use refresh and reread in Active method.



Enabling and disabling doesn’t need a refresh or reread, don’t call them on active method only place the enable/disable logic on active method.

Hi kranthi,

After removing refresh and reread datasource is getting refreshed but form buttons are not refreshing.



If i press F5 then form is getting refreshed.