Form notes not getting attached to purchase order report

Hi all,

The form notes are not getting attached on the Purchase order when printed.

Screen shot of the form notes:

Screen shot of PO:

In the place marked above the form notes is missing when the PO confirmation is printed. can anybody tell me how this can be resolved.

Thanks in advance for the time!

First of all, is the note marked as External (in the Restriction field)? Update: Forget this, I’ve just realized that you’re talking about form notes and not notes attached to the order.

By the way, your first screenshot shows a note in en-gb, but the report on the second on isn’t in English.

This note is in Italian. I added a wrong note.

If the language on purchase order and the form notes matches, then it should be printing on the confirmation report. I don’t see any setup to control it.

Language of the PO and Form notes does match. yet it does not print on the confirmation report.

Your design looks like a customized one. Have a developer to investigate.