Form Icon


I wanted to change a Form icon. Currently it is as defaulted Dynamics AX icon, but i wanted to put my own icon (*.ico) file on the title bar of my customised form.

Refer the image as below:


Any help will greatly appreciated.



Hi u can find the all resources in axapta as follows.

To view the available resources, open the Microsoft Dynamics AX menu, click Tools, click Development tools, and then click Embedded resources. The Embedded resources window opens. The window displays the available images, and the Resource ID of each image.

i.e SysImageResources form.

As of my knowledge ,the application is not allow to add the new image .all the images are saved in the kernal.

ok anyway if u find the solution please share .

**Hi Ashlesh,**
You can set the ico file in AOT->MENU->PROPERTIES->Normal Image-> select the ico icon... 
 or As far i know u can also set the icon to the Menuitems->
Normal Image(It doesn't work).

Hope it Helps you.


Thanks for your reply.

I wanted to insert the icon along with the Form’s caption as i have shown in a screen shot in my first post.

@ ansar,

am saying, it is not possible to add a image to the resources.but it is posibe to change the image

Hi Ashlesh,

i understood ur requirement ,here if u want to replace a new image with existed image is possible.but if u want to add a new image from out side .system does not allowing .

Ax Standard doesn’t allow to add a new image to its resource, am also searching for the solution. If anyone found pls share.

Hi Naresh,

Thanks for your suggestion.

Actually i wanted to replace the Form icon from the form’s caption bar as shown in image in my first post, no matter it is existed or new image.

I wanted to know the way that how to set the Form icon in the form’s caption bar.