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hi ,

am creating new form (Firm order). this form is duplicate of SalesOrder form.

In Sale order form i have created a check box

but firm order form is only of view type .the salesorder form record appear in firm order form.

the record will appear in two condition.

1)first - SalesOrder Reference number is empty at a time in salesLine i select a check box is checked .

Now in firm order the records without reference number and checkbox that is selected those records will appear.


2)Second – SalesTable form SO is created but Reference number is empty and salesLine item is not created .but this Record is should not appear in firm order form. But it appears for me . how to filter it .

am using Query in executed query method query is below

This Query write in SalesTableDataSource in firm order form

( queryBuildRange = this.query().dataSourceNo(1).addRange(fieldnum(salesTable,PurchOrderFormNum));

queryBuildRange.value(sysQuery::valueEmptyString()); )

This Query is written in SalesLineDataSource in firm order form

queryBuildRange = this.query().dataSourceNo(1).addRange(fieldnum(SalesLine, check));


This query is satisfy first condition.

how to write second condition code

Hi Abhishek,

If i am not wrong then what you have to do is to pass the values from one form to another.

you can refer to the below link, may be it will help you:

Thanks & Regards

Pranav Gupta