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hi All…

'm facing an filter problem here…i have a form with an option field phase with 5 choices…now can i use this same form and filter for different phases and call this filtered different phases in another table?(like first time i need 4 of the 5 phases option, second time 3 of the option)

P.S…i have tried sourcetableview…but i can filter only 1 field in that, when i try to do more the form doesnt display the filter info…

Thank you All…awaiting the replies.

HIi Shona

IF (“Document Type” IN [“Document Type”::“Return Order”,“Document Type”::“Credit Memo”]) THEN

{Here Do your Validation}


Jerome Marshal.J

hi marshal…thanks for you reply.

if tell how this can help me in this situation…

i have a form 1…in which 'm goning to show form2’s different fields value on the basis of phase filter. consider i have a “shortterm” that consist of only 3 phases…and tiny phase consisting of 2 phases…but both of this i should show in form 1!

Hi Shona

in your post you mentioned firt time you will use 4 out of the 5 option values as a filter,and the second time you will use 3 out of the 5 optins values as a flter.the code whic i mentioned is to achive the above mentioned filter.

Let me tel you my unederstanding

1.You have form A and B

2.Now you are applying some filters based on the option value on form A

3.Now you want to apply the same filter on the Form B

4.Now you want to populate some values on aForm A from Form B

Am I correct

if i’m correct

1.use copy filter on the source table of Form A

2.Apply the copied filter on the Form B’s Source Table

3.Update the form B

3.get the values from form B and poulate it in form A’s source table

4.Update the form A

if my understanding is wrong,Kindly give us more details


Jerome Marshal.J

what 'm doing is…i kept a function in form 8…gave my condition like

IF (“Phase Type” IN [“Phase Type”::“Diagnostic Phase”,“Phase Type”::“Analysis Phase”]) THEN;

and called this in my formA! but this doesnt work!