Form Display In 3.70/XP

Hi, Does anybody out there find it hard to recognise editable fields from non-editable fields on card forms (especially in windows xp) ? When the theme is changed to Windows Classic the display is nice and clear and the difference in these types of fields is easy to see. We have a customer that have to have Windows XP as their scheme as a corporate must-have but at the same time don’t like the way these fields are displayed. Has anybody got any suggestions ? Many thanks in advance Robin

I would say they are showing quite different style. Don’t they ?

Hi, Yep it is problem. I installed some theme maker and change the color in display>properties>appearance, then non editble field frame was changed to thick one. Maybe you can try the something same? Another way is manually edit every form and change backcolor for required field[:(]

Cheers Guys, We’ve suggested the changing the background colour in forms and they are considering doing that ! (for a charge, of course!)

Hi Thomas, What theme have you got then because on standard xp the fields aren’t clearly defined like yours ? Robin

Hi Thomas (or anybody), The example Thomas kindly gave is fine but as soon as you start to work within tab card forms the difference is display of the fields is lost and they begin to all look the same with only very subtle differences. Has anybody got any more views on this and/or experienced the same ? Thanks