Form datasource link type - Delayed, Active & Passive

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Active and delayed form datasource link types behavior looks same. Can you please explain me the difference between active link type and delayed link type in form datasource properties? (Please explain with practical logic)

What is the purpose of the passive link type?



It’s already explained in the documentation (Data Sources for Forms [AX 2012]).

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Can you please explain with scenario?

We can choose delay link type if we are dealing with lot of records. After some delay it will fetch the data from database. Is it right?

Passive: Linked child data sources are not updated automatically. Updates of the child data source must be programmed on theactive method of the master data source.

passive method is not update automatically then, in which scenario we choose this method?



Yes, I think that the documentation is quite clear (“A pause is inserted before linked child data sources are updated…”).

You will use a Passive link if you don’t want AX to update the linked datasource automatically (but you still can bound controls to it). Maybe you have some special conditions when it should update, or maybe user must confirm the update for some reason.

It would be clear ,if some one show piece of code written in active method of data source for updating the records in Passive link type

Just call executeQuery() of the passive-linked data source. Nothing fancy to show.

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Thanks Martin for your kind help!!!

Now, I can understand the form data source link types. I did some practice and posted this in my blog “