form by X++ code

i have postableform , lostable form when i click the postable form new button i want to display the lostable form

which logic i have to write under datasource of postable create method and what code i have to write lostable form init method

The similar cases can be found for sales and purchase orders. When you click on new it will open a new form.

See \Forms\SalesTable\Data Sources\SalesTable\Methods\create method in that salesTableForm.create() call will open the another form.

You can use menufunction. In POSTable create, can write like this

Args args = new Args();
new MenuFunction(MenuItemDisplayStr(LOSTable),MenuItemType::Display).run(Args);

and in init method of the LOSTable you can get the buffer of POSTable.

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thank u … to reply my problem i will try