Form 7117 Truncating Part Numbers.

Everytime I run this analysis report it always truncates the part number.

Sales & Marketing → Analysis & Reporting → Analysis Reports → Pick SALES and ALL-ITEMS.

For some reason the Part numbers (Row Ref. No.) are getting truncated and making the column bigger/smaller doesn’t help any.

Any help would be appreciated. What table does this come from??


Item no. is truncated because somebody has put the length of the field “Row Ref. No.” in table 7114 “Analysis Line” to Code10. After some overflow errors led to trouble because of too large item numbers, somebody simply truncated the field data in codeunit 7111 to a length of max. 10 (perhaps hoping this would not be noticed because the column in the report is too small anyway) - may be these guys are working elsewhere in the mean time… - this applies to NAV 5.0 and NAV 2009 (and may be all relevant further versions, too)

In order to fix this, you may try to set the length of the field to Code20 (codeunit 7111 needs not to be modified as far as I can see). There may still arise some problems with that, for example when some variables or function parameters are Code10, too, so test this carefully before you make the change in a live database. Before it works in the report you have to reinsert your items into the Sales Analysis Lines form, because if you take a look on this form, you will notice that the item no. is already truncated in the form, so the report is innocent (except for its small first column of course), the problem lies in the field length of 10.


We have a test D/B I can try it in and see what happens.

There is a field called Range in this table that looks like the full part number. I’m not sure if it is or not but it looks like it. If this is the full part number I’m all set.


Hi Greg,

yes, that’s correct. The field Range is filled with the Item.“No.”, when you use the function “Insert Item” from the “Sales Analysis Lines” form, so may be this will do it for you as well.

Looks like a winner to me. I’ll try Range and see what happens…