Form 42 Sales Order trying to make header bigger.

I am trying to make the form 42 Sales Order the top header part bigger. When I make it bigger the grey background where all the fields are stays the same size even though I’m making the form bigger. How do I make the grey background bigger to accomodate the bigger form I’m trying to make??

Thanks in advance,


Could you post a screeshot? I’m having trouble visualizing what you are describing.

You have the grey background on the form which stays the same even though I’m making the form bigger. For some reason the grey background won’t resize.0385.Salesorder.JPG

This “gray blackground” is TabControl, which contains the other controls… Seemingly you streched bigger only the Form (Window).

What do you mean by “Grey background” ? What would you like to make bigger? Can you post a screenshot of the new “resized” form? Maybe you can mark the “grey” area you are referring to with a color or an arrow?

This is another picture. I’m trying to stretch out the bottom part of the form to add more fields in there. I don’t see where Tab Control is?


You have drawn the ellipsis on the bottom border of TabControl… Click on TabControl in a place where no other controls are placed on it, then border will be highlited & 8 small square “stretchers” will appear - on corners and in the middle of each side - drag by them to resize

The easiest way to select a tab control without selecting anything else is to click in the empty space to the right of the existing tabs, see the picture

Now you can resize the tab control.

That worked. I kept looking under Properties for Tab Control.

Thanks to all.


Ah you thought the tab control was a property of the form itself. Everything on a form is a control with its own properties, and they all have to be added from the toolbox (or the wizard, but even then they come out of the toolbox).

Thanks for the info Daniel.