forecast scheduling


i got the error message from Forecast Scheduling:

" Item number: 111.111
Dimension No.: 1111
Number: 1111111
Oper. No.: 4
Job exceeds the maximum job lead time of 1000 days.
Coverage planning of item 111.111 and dimension No. 1111 has been canceled. "

i checked the Routes for the item and nothing with it. i even tried to change that operation (Oper. No.:4) and it still complained with the same error message.

does anyone know what this is complaining about ? TIA, much appreciate your help.

never mind, i found the answer. this forum seems slow.

As you have verified it can you please tell us what your issue was?

Additionally as this is a free site populated by users giving time for free you cannot really expect a “quick” answer no matter what your definition of “quick” is. If you need this I humbly suggest you talk to Microsoft support and then see if this is “quick”.


the issue is in my post. i guess i was just a little frustrated — my bad. Anyways, i found the answer. Thank you for your time.

Sorry I mean the “solution” to your issue. You say you have solved it but do not tell us how. If you put this in when users search the forum and find you issue they will also have the answer!

Adam, I’m sure you already know the answer to this but for the benefit of others who may be searching for the answer I believe I have it. A forecast entry can exceed maximum lead time if the AX Working Times Calendar does not extend out to the projected date of the forecast. For example, a job with a 10 day lead time which will be started on 8/7 requires the calendar to accommodate 10 working days (assuming weekends) or 8/17. If your working calendar (BASIC\Calendar\Working Times) doesn’t include dates past 8/16/2009 you will get an error message indicating lead time exceeds working days. Another possible cause could be the parameter setting in PRODUCTION\Setup\Parameters\Maximum job lead time.

I am guessing the answer is actually related to the 32 work centre limitation of scheduling, when finite is used with hard linking (not a true statement) or job scheduling where the groups have extensive work centre numbers then you will get the maximum lead time issue, but the original poster never told us the details of the problem or the “solution” they found - they were impatient and rude, but you cannot have everything [:D]


One more thing to consider here is the work center efficiency. If you set the efficiency by mistake to zero … then no matter how long calender you setup for the work centre , it is not going to do any production hence the max job lead time error


Hi there,

I really has a problem similar to this but it occurs in the both master plan scheduling and forecast scheduling.

the error message is like:

item number:xxx
dimension no:xxx
Number: xxxx
Mandatory coverage dimension site not specified.
Cannot create a record in Planned order(ReqPO), The corresponding AOS validation failed.
Coverage planning of item xx has been canceled.

Do you all have any idea how to solve this?

Please help (Y_Y). Thank you in advance for all contribution.

You are probably missing some default warehouse configured for your items. You have coverage warehouse dimension set and this requires to have a warehouse specified for your items.

I think it is unable to create a planned order after running the schedule - as the default site is not specified for it…

Try by doing this…

Item details > Setup> Default Order Settings > General tab > enter purchase, inventory sites…

I agree with Kranthi - you have item coverage records where the details are defined and the site is missing - this is not possible with manual entry, so I would presume you have forced some data into these tables.

just make sure to enter the PROCESS QTY on the proces qty field and the RUN TIME on the run time field…(production order detail screen > route > times)

just make sure to enter the PROCESS QTY on the process qty field sam is true with the RUN TIME. (production order detail scren > route > times)