For Stock Take.

For stock take I am using Physical Warehouse journal and calculate inventory and update the physical quantity using data port and register the warehouse journal.

After register the quantity and use Physical inventory journal and calculate inventory, and post the item journal. This is the way to do the stock take in Navision.

But the inventory is not in good shape. Means some items are shipping bin, receiving bins and returns bins, Hence the free stock and in stock are not the same.

This happens due to the deadlock of warehouse request table, sales line table.

Some of the stocks are in the sale order and Warehouse shipment. If I update all the quantity of open order to zero, similarly for warehouse shipment update the quantity to zero. Is this is the right way to do?

What is the best to way to clear the bins and sales order and warehouse shipment?

What is the best way to do the stock take of this type of data in the system?

Finally when remove the bins, sale order and warehouse shipment quantity, then do the stock take using Physical Warehouse journal and Physical inventory journal.

Could any one suggest me is this way is correct to do the stock take for this type of data.

Many Thanks