Font problem in report

With some of our reports in Navision, we are having some problems displaying a font correctly. Our company logo is a very simple font logo, Cooper. On some of the machines, the font displays in print preview and prints fine. Others, it does not. Windows 98 machines are having this problem. I have checked the font property on the report, and the font name is set as Cooper Black Headline BT. I look in the c:\windows\fonts folder, and it says the name of the font the exact same way, but does not print it out properly, it just reverts to Times New Roman. I have tried other printers, and it still has the same problem. I also deleted the zup file and reinstalled Navision just in case with no luck. The only thing I can see is that when I open up the font in Windows Explorer, it says that name of the font, but says that Cooper Blk Hd BT is the typeface name. And like I said, it only happens on a few machines. Using that font in Word, and coincidentally, in our old accounting systems report package works perfectly. Anyone have any insights?

Are you sure you have the same font installed on all the PCs? Look at the file details and double check that the file name is consistant. The only other suggestion would be to use a .bmp file for your logo instead of text. Regards! Kristopher Webb Kelar Corporation, Canada

The font name sare the same. I checked the differences between the machines that work and do not work, and there are none.

Hi This is always difficult as each time you set up a new pc you must install the font. NT/2000/XP and 9x/ME can have different ideas as to a font name and it can be dependant on the default printer (why!! don’t ask me). It is best to use Kristopher’s idea and make a bitmap from the font and use that. If you create the report so they work on windows 98 you may well find they work on 2000/XP as well. Get the font name from the drop down box in word (you can use CTRL C to copy it from here) and it should work. Paul Baxter

Originally posted by THaug: Font Problem in Logo: Dear Mr. Thaug, The simple and reliable way to solve your problme is to create your company logo in .bmp format and use this logo as Image property in your report. The Picture size should not be > 32K. The property in Image box for Bitmap : C:\My Documents\My Pictures\example.bmp like this. R. Sunder Rao ERP Project Manager (Navision Financials)

The bitmap can be larger that 32 Kb in size IF you import it into the Picture field in the Company Informatin table. Then it can be any size. The 32 Kb limit only applies to bitmaps in Picturebox controls, not bitmaps stored in BLOB fields and displayed with Image controls. Lars Strøm Valsted Head of Project and Analysis Columbus IT Partner A/S Edited by - lstroem on 2002 Jan 05 15:37:22

Did you check the printer setting to do no substitution of fonts? Don’t have Win98 nearby to check the precise wording, but I remember it’s something like “use built-in fonts”. John

It is much easier to make the image <32Kb, don’t forget you can use compression. I have never had any problems making an image of a simular nature to this fit in less than 32Kb. John has a point with the font substitution on the print driver. I have seen this property before but never seen it do any thing. Do you still get the same problem if you print to a diffrent printer with Win98. Paul Baxter

To answer Paul’s question, yes it is to other printers that this still occurs. That was the first thing that I checked. I also checked for font substitution in either the win.ini or system.ini file, and it was fine. The only reason that I have been reluctant to use a bmp is because our logo is just text, and therefore comes out better quality this way.

Torolf, You should check the printer properties. Win.ini has nothing to do with the instruction to the printer to not use its internal fonts, but rather send the font definition along with the document to print (which is, by the way, the default for Word). John