FOB Export from a C/FRONT Application

Has anyone found a way of exporting a FOB File from a C/FRONT application ? The FOB file must have the same format as the one which is exported from the object designer because I want to be able to reimport the FOB exported from C/FRONT.

I don’t understanding that for do this ? For for exp automation ? I’m using obj exp/imp thru CF.

db : how do you import and export objects from CF ? any snippet of code to share ?

Hi, there is a way to import/export objects in C/Side! You can use recObject.CALCFIELDS(“Blob Reference”); filename := ‘c:\temp\objectXXX’; recObject.“Blob Reference”.EXPORT(Filename,FALSE); recObject.“Blob Reference”.IMPORT(Filename,FALSE); recObject.MODIFY; i dont know maybe this solve your problem !? BUT: the exportet file is NOT .fob and not .txt only files are exportet at this way can be reimportet

I was writed database replicator. This prorg. can replicate BLOBS too. (all obj are BLOB’s) I don’t think that my code will help you :slight_smile: Piece of code nothing can tell. There is my algorythm: Reading BLOB: CalcFields(… GetFieldDataAddr(… GetFieldDataSize(… memcpy(… Sending thru TCP/IP Writing: AssignField(… Thats all nothing extra. Keep in mind that pri key is Type, company, ID and for company<>’’ can be ONLY FOR TABLE DATA TYPE.

If you use the blob.import in C/Side to import an application object i think you have to compile the imported object manually. Is this not an issue when you use C/Front to replicate application objects? Regards