'.fob' backup file to '.txt' file.

Hello all. How can I change ‘.fob’ backup file to ‘.txt’ file. Or how can I view contents of ‘.fob’ file. Please help as I am stuck with migration. Thanks in advance.

I got an error while uploading .fob file that ‘The field is not present in Table’. I suppose that, its obvious that new fields will be created whenever customization will be there. Should I be getting such error?

Thanks and Regards,
Yash Shah.

Two Things -

  1. You cannot convert fob to text. What you can do is in a seprate blank database you can import those objects and then export as text.
  2. Your assumption is wrong all custom fields (50000…99999) need to be created by you system will not create them. new objects will only create / delete / modify fields which are standard (microsoft Field Range)

Hello,Select object in object designer File → Export to txt. Then import object ,dont compile it to view the code, bus as Saurav Dhyani described in #2, wont give much ;).

Hy Saurav,

Thanks for the prompt reply ,as always.
Yes, those fields are in that range only. To be specific, I have created field 50013 in Purchase Line. Does it mean, before importing, I will have to be create field 50013 and then import the fob file?
Maybe I am taking it wrong. Coz as far as I remember, that is not how it used to work before.!! :?


The thing is I have fob file of all my objects, which I need to import. But unfortunately it showed error, saying ‘The field 50013 is not available in Purchase Line’. So I felt I can atleast view which field it is if I had ‘.txt’ version of the backup. So that I can manually create that field and again start my Import. I hope I am being clear.

Yash Shah.