Flowfields and Performance

Using Navision 3.60A (North American)… I am in the process of designing a custom statistics form that will be used as an Executive Overview. This form will be a ‘Multiple Tab’ form with a large number (in excess of 100) of FlowFields. These FlowFields will be stored on a single table and collecting data from a number of others. I do know that once you exceed 100 FlowFields on a single table you cannot view the raw table data from the Object Designer, but I have a few other questions that I haven’t been able to get concrete information about. 1. Are there any other issues (Performance or otherwise) that I need to consider when designing this customization? 2. Will the Database Platform (C/Side or SQL) make any significant difference? 3. Is the performance based upon the data being calculated upon? A number of the FlowFields could be looking at a large amount of data, while others could be looking at little or no data. thanks

Hi, in such a case i choose a matrix box solution with an own table structure and a calculation routine depending on the position in the matrix. So you have no table with to many flow fields, no form with to many flowfields. Performance ? for a matrix solution with ~ 1000 lines and ~ 200 columns not more than 2 minutes. SQL ? As far as i understood the discussions here, you shouldn’t use SQL in case for many flowfields.