Flowfield in Production Order

I want to show the Confirmed Delivery Date out of the Sales Header in the linked Production Order (source type = Sales Header, Source No. = Sales Order No.). I tried to do this with a flow field, but it doesn’t work. Does anyone know the solution to this?

Create a Variable e.g. ConDelDate of Type Date. Then put a Textbox on the form with SourceExpr ConDelDate. In the OnAfterGetRecord-Trigger of the Form you place the following Code: If SalesHeader.GET(Salesheader.“Document Type”::Order, “Sales Order No.”) THEN __ConDelDate := SalesHeader.“Confirmed Delivery DAte” ELSE __ConDelDate := 0D; This Should help you. Greeting, Frank

Thank you Frank! Just a few modifications made in order to let it work properly: IF gRecSalesHeader.GET(gRecSalesHeader.“Document Type”::Order, “Source No.”) THEN PromisedDeliveryDate := gRecSalesHeader.“Promised Delivery Date” ELSE PromisedDeliveryDate := 0D;

This would be better served using a flow field on the Porduction Header. just set the properties to be LOOKUP, then you do not need code ona form, and the end user can also add the field as necessary.

David, You’re right. In fact, this was my first approach. But I thought that it didn’t do the job. But it did; I was probably sleeping in that particular moment [:I] In the meantime, I changed again to this solution. Thanks anyway.