Flowfield COUNT question

Hi, I have a question regarding a flowfield count value from a table I have made:

CalcFormula currently looks like this, and works:
Count(Serienr WHERE (Item=FIELD(No.),Sales Header=CONST()))

But I need one more filter, which would look like this:
Count(Serienr WHERE (Item=FIELD(No.),Sales Header=CONST()),Serienr<>CONST())

But the <>CONST() is not allowed. Apparantly it is only possible to use the =. Not <>.

How is it possible to filter away all records where the text field value is empty?

Thanks in advance.


Instead of typing directly into that property, try clicking the ellipsis button (’…’). You will see the various options for setting up a calcformula. You are probably looking for FITLER instead of CONST.

Wohoo… This just works! Thanks alot! :smiley:

You’re welcome always happy to help :). Glad you could make it work.