Flow Field not working on 50000 series of tables in NAV2013

Hi frnz,

I am facing a problem when i made a new table in 50000 series and a new flow field in it. The flow field shows 0 always but when i added that field in existing table it works. I am using Developer License. I can’t understand why this is happening.

If anybody has any idea about this then Plz Help.

Can you show us the CalcFormula of Flowfield?

Did you try by creating/adding the field in Page?


the calcformula for field is Count(“Sales Header” WHERE (Document Type=FILTER(Quote),Status=FILTER(Open)))

to check this problem I save the table 9053 sales cue in id of 50000 with the name sales cue-1 and when i run table 9053 it shows data but when I run 50000 it shows 0 in all flow fields.

I can’t understand what and where is the problem.