Flow Field Does not work

hi, can someone help me , pls it is urgent i made 2 wrong entries from G/L so i open object designer and delete those recrods manually from the table those tables are G/L Entry Cust. Ledger Entry Detailed Cust. Ledg. Entry now no flow field is working , in chart of account it does not show me net change or balance. but if i click drop down of net change it shows me the related records of that account but why is it not showing me the sum in flow field. any idea thanks and kind regards

Hi …delete those records manually…mmh [;)]! One spontaneous idea: The net change and the balance if this account is zero. Does the flowfield work on other accounts? Andre

no, no flow field is working in any account.

Are you sure, that you deleted just two records, not all of them? bostjan

come on bostjan, what do u want to say…

Hi, I’m sure you didn’t made the ‘Normal User’ - mistake: Set a Flowfilter on Chart of Accounts, e.g. Date= 25 Sep 2005, then ask the IT - people “Help, where is my data! This is a stupid system!”. You didn’t, or [;)]? Andre

Hi Ajay! IF [;)] you have just deleted those false records, and IF [;)] you have not set a FlowFilter THEN you could - compile the “Chart of Account”-Form within the ObjectDesigner or - delete the ZUP-file Maybe this could help … !? Regards, Jörg

Hi Ajay, You didn’t mention if it’s a test db or your customer’s database. If you would have mentioned customer db, there would 've been lot of cries out there.Naturally.[;)] Let’s get down to your problem: 1. Delete the formula in field, save the table. Open and enter the formula again. 2. check the keys related to formula in Tbl 17. 3. Sometimes, deleting the keys itself and creating again should help. The good thing about Nav. is that you can delete and create keys as you like w/out losing anything. so check out.

thanks all, i contacted navision as well, i told my problem to them. i said it is not showing by balance she thought field is hidden, then she replied click on view (menu) and click show column [:(!] anyway , I shall make flow fields again.

i am confused now. Does that mean you solved your problem and the flowfields are working? Also out of curiosity: where you on SQL or Navision server? Cristi Nicola

I am on Navision Database server 3.10 version now everything is fine, thanks for everybody and i learnt that never try to delete the records manually. thanks

Hi Ajay, [JOKE]


Originally posted by ajayjain
hi, … and delete those recrods manually from the table …

This posting is not politically correct! The correct posting should be [8D]:


… one of the ‘stupid’ users, I don’t know who, delete two records from the table. Everytime I said to each user: Never delete a record! But all of you know the users. They allways make the opposite of programmers directions to use. Now I have a problem! …

[/JOKE) Andre

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