fixed quantity per bom

hi is it true that navision 3.6 manufacturing does not have ability to enter “fixed quantity per bom”? we have manufacturing process where when we make bill of material, some materials are required in relation to the number of pieces to be manufactured, and some materials are required only once per bom, but they are required every time when we make this product how fo you solve this issue?

Hm, no replies? Is this something rarely asked or have I explained the problem poorly?

Hi Marko The relationship in Navision, out of the box, is strictly a quantity per finished item, so your ingredients cannot remain static irrelevant to the output of the parent reported - i.e. a strict relationship exists. I know add-ons exist to cater for the process manufacturing requirements, but I have no direct experience of them, for instnace Process800 has been discussed in this forum previously, and in essence the pdf I have states:


Functionality specific to process manufacturing includes: unit of measure in volume and weight, density, lot control, lot tracking, formulization, batch ticket, equipment constraint, critical material, quality control, bill of lading, scheduling and more…

This maybe overkill for yourself, but the system will not handle this as standard so you will either need to develop something or purchase an add-on (or of course constantly adjust the actual material used against every BOM [:D][:D]) The web address on the pdf is

I’ve done this for a customer who wanted to include packaging on the BOM. Up to 1000 KG of product could go on a single pallet so we setup the BOM for 1 KG and then put a quantity of 0.001 x PALLET as a component. On the item (manufacturing tab), setup the rounding precision as 1. Lets say they made 800 KG, that would need 0.8 of a pallet that would then be rounded up to 1. Making 1200 KG required 1.2 pallets which rounds up to 2. So, you could make your fixed quantity per BOM a very small amount and then use the rounding precision to bring it up to the quantity you require. I will admit this is less than ideal but it is a concept that you might be able to make work. Cheers, John

Hi John I think from teh processing industry perspective you can have a quanity of 3g required whatever the batch size, therefore your rounding precision would always need to be to 3 - unsure if this is possible, and the quantity per on the BOM to be set to a figure that whatever the batch quantity the rounding will be three, say 0.001, if your batch quantity maximum is 1000. Possible I suppose, but I think more applicable to your shipping manifest scenatio.

Fixed quantity or fixed proportions is indeed very comon in the proces industry. Our add on provides a sollution.

Steve, absolutely agree. I said it is less than ideal but the point is you can make it workable just like using negative BOM qtys allows you to have byproducts (you just have to be happy with getting positive negative adjustments). OK, the number of dp’s on the BOM qty restricts the scope you have. In your example, if your base UOM was kg then the rounding precision would have to be 0.003 and the BOM qty would have to be suitably small. Having said that, if you use such small qtys, you might have the base UOM as grammes in which case the precision could be 3. Cheers, John