Fixed position in the SSRS report.


I am facing a problem in AX 2012 SSRS report.

A table needs to be placed in fixed position in the report irrespective of the data present.

Lets say the table should be placed 4 inch below from the top of the page.

Please help me to solve the issue.


Hi Mohamed,

In the Table properties, you have to modify the location property. Put the Top to 4in.



Make sure following things.

1.If you have any fields above table uncheck autoincrease property.If you check this property to yes based on the data length it will go down.

2.Header property also do the same thing.Especially Address field will occupy more space.When the report get printed system will show the same allignment as designed.But When view the report in print view property part of the header portion will be hided due to length of data.

Hi guys,

Thanks for your prcious time and effort. Sorry guys it wont work as i tried this before.

Please understand this an AX SSRS report. Let me explain the design more precisely.

  1. There is a table with a set of data, say it occupies 3 inch from the top.

  2. The next table should placed exactly below 4 inch from the top of the report page. The problem is when i change the location property “TOP” of this table to 3 or 4 inch, it calculate the location or height only from the bottom of the first table. It is not calculating form the top of the report page.

  3. My requirement is whatever the data populated it should placed exactly 4 inch from the top.

  4. Note - This table will be printed only at the last page of the report, whether there is a presence of data or not, it will come 4 inch form the top.


You are using two tables?



Select your second Table > Rightclick > Tablix Properties > Check “Add a page break before”

Hope it will solve your problem.


Check below link.We cannot the fix the location for report item.It will be printed in the top of the page.Refer the topic Logical Page Breaks.

Hi Saju,

Thank you for your precious time and effort.