Fixed Assets status through product receipt

As per my study from Microsoft document and after creating test PO & Product receipt and Invoice. My Conclusion is below.

When you post a product receipt that has the Create a new fixed asset check box selected for a line, a new fixed asset is created that has a status of Not yet acquired. Then, when you post a vendor invoice with a new fixed asset, an acquisition transaction is posted for the new asset and the asset status changes to Open.

My question is how can i record acquisition of asset after creating product receipt before creating invoice.

As I received asset thru product receipt at 1 Jan and i will record its depreciation effective from 1st Jan. And the invoice issued by vendor at 1 June. So on 1st Jan asset status is “not yet acquired” therefore we are not able record its depreciation.

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Hi Hafsa,

It’s not possible to have cost of asset before you receive invoice.

For your issue, I would suggest to update place in service and run depreciation after you receive the invoice.