Fixed Assets reversal

Hi All

i want to reverse one Fixed assets aquisition and its depreciation and want to close the fixed assets as it is been enter twice. When i am selecting the Fixed assets (FA details form)/value model/Transaction/ reverse. It is showing the following error.

“The transaction type Fixed assets, debit must be reversed from Accounts payable.”

Actually i aquire the FA by crediting the Vendor .

please help me. i have to reverse the FA aquisition and its Depreciation.


Any Suggestion experts

Did you try using Transaction Reversal from Vendor Transaction Form?

I would suggest if it is one transaction then reverse the transaction manually, first depreciation than Acquisition.

Thanks Sachin for the the suggestion.

What i did is, first i reverse the depreciation and then fron vendor transaction i reverse the aquisition. And now the status is showing “not yet aquire”.

Now i want to close this fixed asset so that in future we run the depreciation it will not show in the proposal. How can i do that, as the status is showing “not yet Aquire” and also the status drop down is disable.


Have you tried running depreciation proposal ? This Asset will no be included in that as this has no value to depreciate.

yes if we will not aquire it then in depreciation it will not show.

Its status is “not yet aquire” and now whn i making the aquisition proposal for other FA it is showing there as its status is “not yet aquire” and when i am running the aquisition proposal i am choosing the filter “status”.

I just want to close this so that in future it will never reflect.


If the aquisition price i make to zero then it is not showing in FA Aquisition, but not closed

Any suggestions frnds

Any suggestions experts