Fixed Assets-new Asset Number generation is not continous

Hi Everybody,

In AX 4.0 we have a problem. When we try to generate a new Asset number, sometimes it gives 00001 (which already exists) and when we try to save, it gives error, saying number already exists. Some times it will take the next number + 80 or 100 more. eg. when the next number to be generated is 00820 then it will generate 900. In this case obviously it will save the record. But we loose the continuity.

I checked in the Fixed Asset Groups and found that there are around 30 Groups and all these groups has been assigned the same number sequence.

In the Number Sequence I found that the numbers are correctly set and CONTINOUS is ticked. IN USE is ticked.

Can anybody tell me why this happens.

Thanks in advance


Hi Thomas,

Not sure about Ax4, but in Ax3, have you deleted assets / reimported them? Anyhows in AX 3.0 if you go to Basic - Setup - Number Sequences press cleanup this should resolve the issue

There is a good post on this:

Hope that helps


Hi Thomas,

As far as I am aware, there is no known issue on creating fixed assets number sequence.

Are you sure that there are no bespoke customisations that could affect asset Id generation in any way?

If you are sure, then try deleting the number sequence and creating a new one instead. If you decide to go down this route, remember to set the next number accordingly.

Hope this helps,

Hi Thomas,

I Came across such issue when AOS and Client are not of save version.U can check this from your client and see both showing the same version.


Can you please explain to me how can we find the versions on both the AOS and Client


Check ‘About Microsoft Dynamics Ax’ form for AOS and application version. If you use DAX 3.0 / DAX 4.0, this form is available under Help menu. In DAX 2009, this is available under Question icon on the right hand corner.

For client version, you have to right click on the client executable (Ax32.exe), select properties and choose version tab.

All three versions (AOS, application and client) should be identical.