(Fixed Assets) Capital Work-In Progress


We all know that in AX 2009, the concept of Capital Work in Progress is not at all there (in Fixed Assets).

Is there any work around so that we can manage this in AX 2009.

My customer has a requirement where he has CWIP



Maintain the the Fa as item and post multiple acqusition journal till the FA is build (Maintain this ledger account as FA WIP, Once the FA is build then post the invetory Fa converions journal to move the entire cost to FA ledger(different balance sheet ledger) ita simple suggestion let me know if it works.


Thanks for the reply

  1. Should we create the FA as an inventory item? or as a regular FA with an Asset code?

  2. If it is an Inventory item how can post multiple acquisitions to it?


Hi Thomphl,

As suggested by Sudhakar,

the process would be create an inventory item for FA with designated model group and postings.(because ledger posting setup decides how u want to synchronize the postings while posting stock to FA journal).

You do not have to create FA for posting acquisitions of FA. you may use PO to add the value(cost) to item.

Once the WIP of item(FA) is done. then you can transfer item to FA by using inventory to FA journal.

Hope this helps.

  • JK

Hi JK,

thanks for the reply.

It sounds OK.

Let me try and get back.