Fixed assets - Amortization methods.

Hi all! I need to know if in Navision, we can have a fix amortization amount per month instead of calculating that amount based on the residual value divided per nomber of months. i would like to be able to continue to amortise the fixed amount and in the last month amrtize the residule value. How can I do that in Navision?

Hi Shanna, there are two possible ways to do this but neither is particularly great. You could use the manual option but then the user has to tell the system each month what to do. The second is the User-Defined method. With this you can assign a Depreciation Table to the Depreciation Book line for the asset. In the Depreciation Table you can then specify a Percentage to depreciate by each month. so if the asset had a life of 3 months and cost $230 then you could set up three lines on the table with a calculated percentage for each period. It is still a bit limited but does do what you want.

Thanks for the reply. So there is no way in Navision two use fix amounts to do depreciation and use the residuel amount for the last period???

Essentially, no. The closest you are likely to get to it is by using the Straight Line method but this still calculates an amount.