Fixed asset

I succeed to make calculation amortization to the 31/12/05 on a good acquired in 2005, with an ulterior movement of purchase to February 2006. Navision checks Last Acquisition Cost Date on the fixed asset and skips it. The cost of 2006 goes in budget 2006. The depreciation of the 2005 will be calculate in February 2006 (with posting date 31/12/05). What I can make? You have other ideas? Thanks to all ciao elena

If I understand you correctly, you refer to the fact that Navision will use the date of the last aquisition entry to determine to depreciate a fixed asset, in case of having bought the fixed asset initially and afterwards having posted additional acquisition entries… If that is correct, then the solutions is a modification in the depreciation process, that adjusts this problem for your case. Let me know, if this is what you need, and I can give you some indications on what is necessary to modify. Saludos Nils