Fixed Asset transfer

Hi All

i want to transfer a fixed Asset from one cost center to another. For this if i use the lending functionality and change the cost center of the Asset, is this a right way.

And one more thing, if i want to change the model group, can i do that and what will be the procedure.

Please Advise


Hi Imran,

AX doesn’t have feature of transfer order. You can change the value model and transfer as stated in link specified bu ammen.

Standard AX only has FA location setup. You can only specify the location on FA but couldn’t do any transaction based on it and that location has got nothing to do with warehouse locations.


Regarding the Changeing of the value model

I go through the Process, here i have some confusion like

  1. When we select the Fixed Asset and go in the Value Model and Add the new Value model, here when we add the new value model what is the aquisition date, service life, depreciation period and depreciation period remainig e.g earlier the value model service life is 5 years and we make the depreciation for 1 year, and the new value model service life is 3 year. What should be the data in these feilds.

  2. In the fixed asset journal, the old asset group account is credit and new get debit, and only the net book value get transfered. What about the Accumulated depreciation. As i am Using the Straight line method.

I follow the Following steps only:

  1. Select the fixed asset created and click the Value Model button.

  2. Add the Value Model that carries the remaining life of the asset. For example, if the asset has a six years of life and transferred in the third year, the depreciation profile of the asset must be three years only.

  3. Use the Split Fixed Asset function

Click Functions button > Split Fixed Asset and fill in the following:

  • Percent : INDICATE 100
  1. An infolog would appear stating that the transactions has been transferred.

  2. Go to General Ledger > Journals > Fixed Assets to retrieve the created journals.

  3. The Journals that were created are the Acquisition and the accumulated depreciation that will be transferred to the new value model

  4. Proceed on Posting the Journal

  5. General Ledger > Common Forms > Fixed Asset Details

  6. Select the Fixed Asset

  7. Click the Value Model button

  8. Select the original value model

  9. Click the Inquiry button > Balances. Note that the Net Book Value is now Zero.

  10. Close the form.

  11. Select the newly created value model then click Inquiry button > Balances.

  12. Note that the selected value model has a netbook value.

  13. Close the form then select the old value model

  14. Set the value model status to “Closed”.

  15. Click Save

. The next time you do a transaction on the fixed asset, it will use the new value model.


And regarding the Transfer from one cost center to another, how can we acheive it. What i think is e.g. i have i fixed asset with CC1 and till, say, june 2012 it is there and now i want to transfer to CC2. What we will do till june 2012 we depreciate the asset in CC1 then change the Cost Center to CC2 then make the depreceiation.


Did you ever find a solution for this? I am trying to move an asset from one dimension to another similar to your cost center, but the issue I have is future transactions would hit the new cost center, whereas prior depreciation and acquired asset is on the old cost center. Therefore, I cannot see the true net book value of the asset for that cost center, without looking at two different cost centers.

hi Trang

If you are using the AX 2012, FA transfer option is there but in 2009 we dont have this option. In 2009 if you want to do it, i think. you have to do it manually, mean, u have to dispose/sales from the module with the current cost center and then acquire it again with the NBV with the new cost center and i think you have to treat it like, how we enter the opening balance of Fixed Assets.