Fixed Asset Reclass, Accumulated Depreciation Transfer

Please help me.

I have a number of assets that have previously had depreciation amounts posted that need to be reclassed/transferred to a new asset code.

I have got as far as getting Navision to run the reclass journal. However, when I try and post Navision helpfully informs me that I cannot have a positive accumulated depreciation balance.

Thing is, Its a mere transfer, hence a net off

Please help me. I’m about to lose it!!

Hi Gareth,

for this one posting you should be alone in the FA module. Then you can do the following:

in the Depreciation Book, uncheck the “Use FA Ledger Check” flag.

This should allow you to post your reclassification. Remember to put the flag back in afterwards :wink:

with best regards


Hi Gareth

Try entering a negative value for the Amount in the FA G/L Journal

Should do the trick


Hasitha Jayasuriya