Fixed Asset From Purchase Order Line


I want to create fixed asset from purchase order. And Based on purchase quantity fixed asset should be created in fixed asset master. Please suggest.

My Scenario :

PO with item computer qty 10. It should create 10 fixed asset in asset master.

I have read previous conversation but not got my answer. Is is doable without customization. Please suggest.

Hi Prashant,

First option is, create separate lines for every single quantity. Suppose if you are buying 10 computers, instead of creating one line mentioning 10 quantity, you will have to create 10 lines with individual quantity. But it will not be workable because it is a cumbersome process for user to enter 10 lines in Purchase order if he has to purchase 10 quantity of an item.

Second option is, customization.

Per receipt/invoice line you can get a new fixed asset. So if you want 10 Fixed Assets then 10 purchase orders lines (rather than doing 10 updates on 1 line).

I suppose Fixed Assets aren’t done so often, and per FA created you need acquisition values etc. so why not just tell user to have 10 PO-lines ?

You can do one thing

Let us take one example One purchase line with 10 quantity.

select purchase line and create 10 fixed asset and 10 purchase lines against each fixed asset.

delete the old purchase line.

This will fulfil your requirement.

Thanks & Regards,

Britto John Baskar.A


Thanks. But here is my question.Being a purchase agent if I will send one PO to our supplier with same item repeated 10 times. He will laugh and say what is this? Why 10 separate line?

What I think I should do customization.


Possilby many comments but :slight_smile:

Why be concerned about the vendor? I’m sure he will understand if explained.

Why do you want the automated integration within AX from PO to creating the fixed assets ? Why not just create the FA’s when required, add acquisition value on them etc.

Have you made a description on the modifications expected and time needed for the development, testing etc.?

How many FA’s a year are purchased through a PO ?

Hi Prashant,

You can do one thing, create the 1 line PO of 10 qty and after invoicing fixed asset will be created in the Fixed asset module.Then create the 9 copy for of the same Fixed Asset and from the original Fixed Asset (created from the PO) and split (Split Functionality) it to other 9 by 10% each. In this way you can use the PO for the Fixed Assets acquisition.