Fixed Asset expense posting from payment journal


I am posting fixed asset purchase from ‘Payment Journal’.

I have taken account type as ‘Fixed Asset’ and select FA number.

When I insert value in debit field ‘per voucher’ field is going blank. and I am not able to post this journal.

Can any one help me whether it is possible to post Fixed asset related expenses from ‘payment journal’.?!



Hi Jainal,

Please elaborate about exact requirement.

What is the outcome if you use FA journal for posting?


Hi Pranav,

There are few direct expenses for Fixed asset which I need to capitalize.

I am making bank payment entry so number series should be of Bank Payment and further I am using cheque number.

So if I use FA journal then I can not use same number sequence of bank payment and also can not use cheque number.

So I dont have any other option but to use Payment journal.

From there I am getting following error.

“Depreciation amounts with a date later than adjustment date of exist.After verifying the depreciation amounts, you might need to reverse the depreciation and recalculate the depreciation through the depreciation proposal process or manually.”



Hi Jainal,

Seems that you are posting some acquistion adjustment entry on the FA.

I am still confused about the payment journal. In payment journal, are you updating transaction type as acquistion adjustment?

Are you invoicing any vendor for the FA expense? If so, how are you settling the vendor?


you must be making the payment journal to pay someone right? as it appear you are also printing check,

Best way to do this transaction is First mark allow multiple journal in FA parameter

Go to vendor invoice journal and book invoice for vendor using offset as Fixed Asset you are capitalizing further expenses

go to payment journal and make the payment to vendor