Fixed Asset Acquistion and Disposal Scrap

Thank you in advance. I’m new to this group and a beginner user to AX2009. I was instructed to enter several new assets at cost and to scrap them all on the same date with zero gain/loss just so we show the movement in our F/A module. I do NOT want AX to take any depreciation on these in and out assets the next time I run my monthly depreciation.

  1. Will AX allow me to acquire and dispose of assets on the same date?

  2. The disposal will change status of the assets to CLOSED and no depreciation will be taken, correct?

  3. Is there any timing issue of when I should perform all these tasks? For example, maybe not use the acquisition date of May 31, 2018 since that is the date I use to run my depreication. I don’t want to confuse AX.

But I may be the one confused… thanks for your comments if someone can advise me as to proper procedure.