Fiscal period XXXXX is not open and journal can't be posted


We are on DAX 2012 CU3. Our fiscal period was closed was closed for 2016 in our production. We are getting a request from users that they need to create some Fee journal lines with the TransDate 9/14/2016 . When they tried creating a journal now in 2018 they are getting the

‘Fiscal period /14/2016 is not open and journal can’t be posted’’ error in our production.

I know we can open the Fiscal period for the date from GL/set up/ledger/Calander and then go to 2016 year and select the 9/1/2016 … 9/30/2016 and change it from ‘on hold’ to open and that may the solve the issue. However, I am not sure if there would be any issues on the functional and or on the data side?

Can any body please provide some inputs.



There shouldn’t be any problem, unless the fiscal year is permanently closed.

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