Firming Planned Orders

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Can you please tell if there is a parameter to prevent Firming Not approved Planned production orders ???

No there is not, the status is a control mechnaism to work through the plan and not have a regen remove approved planned orders, however many customers do not use this control at all and firm it, and therefore there is nothing as standard to prevent this - the step is optional.

Thanks Adam for your helpful reply,

So as you said there is no parameter to do what i need, this lead me to ask that to solve this problem i should add such a parameter into the Master Planning parameters form, Right,??!!

If yes, i will appreciate any help that will make it easier for me to find the method where such a parameter should be used ???!

Hello Emad, the purpose of the Approved function is when you have such a dynamic planning process, that the planner often choose to “Approve” the orders he particulary analized and took a desition, so in case that other master planning process is run the order he firmed-up is not moved (quantity or date change) by the new process execution.

So he (the planner) analyze some orders, approves them and can run another planning process to see what else happens with the rest of the suggestions, without modifying already approved suggestions.

But in your case, if this repetitive planning process is not taking place, and suggestion approved=firmed-up, then suggest the client to firmed-up the orders directly to save time, money and to avoid modifying native functionallity. [:)]

Why would they need this new parameter then?

Hi Cazot,

Actually at first stage i suggested that to my client, and he firmed orders that cover the next three months,but upon the regulations from the GMP that controls the medical industries procedures, some batch numbers that given to the firmed orders should be assigned to another orders due to changing on the demand, so i changed the process to be approve>> then when the to start the production he Firm and so the orders take the batch numbers.

Also the process of planning assigned to two positions, the first one approve the planned orders, and the second one he firm the orders, so i should prevent the second one from doing firming unless the orders is approved, so i need a new parameters, right ??!!

The batch number assignment requirement is not clear here - the batch number does not get assigned to a planned order as standard - if you are creating output batches on creation this would make sense depending upon what you are doing, but it is not clear to comment. What is clear you cannot prevent the firming if the order is not approved and if you want to achieve this it is a modification.

It is a big story for the requirement of batch number assignment when you are dealing with a medical industry, any way upon what you are saying i need a modification to do such function ( Preventing firming unless approved).

Thanks for your replies guys.

I think your are avoiding the question of the batch number assignment and the requirement here, resolve this and you have no need to modify, but feel free to modify. Having worked in different medical implementations I have encountered different requirements to the production commencement and traceability, but everywhere is different.

I will try to describe the case hope to make it clear,

When the planned order firmed a batch number assigned to the resultant production orders, which are five orders with different production orders No’s but with same batch no. this is must for the client, that all semi-finished items take the same batch number, the problem appear when the demand differ from the forecast, so the master planning will result with a new orders and the already firmed order which have taken a batch No. will be useless, so the firming should not be done unless the resultant order is approved.

Excuse me if it is not clear enough i am a new AX :slight_smile:

Thanks for your kind discussion.

That is a different issue to the one of approving planned orders, in essence you are saying plan on forecast but only commit on actual - meaning allow no firm plan to be firmed where the forecast drives it. This brings the forecast into quesiton but presumably being used for sub-component replenishment. I beleive the control therefore is not on the planned order status per se, but instead on the pegged demand being a confirmed sales order.

Actually it is somehow similar to what you are saying, the planned order is for producing a medical syringes, so the gauge may differ upon confirming the SO, this will not affect all sub-components, any way we are implement the Master Planning partly to get the advantages from some features only, so controlling the Batch No. and the approving and firming process have more value to the client, than controlling the Planning itself.

Let me see if I can understand you with this example:

1000 Syringes 1ml scaled (Finished product)
BOM components
1000 Plunger top
1000 Plunger seal
1000 1ml scaled barrel (gauge)

Master planning
1000 Syringes 1ml scaled (Finished product)
BOM components
1000 Plunger top
1000 Plunger seal
1000 1ml scaled barrel (gauge)

Production orders (after firming planned orders)
Order #1: 1000 Plunger top Batch nbr.: ABC1 Order status: Scheduled
Order #2: 1000 Plunger seal Batch nbr.: ABC1 Order status: Scheduled
Order #3: 1000 1ml scaled barrel (gauge) Batch nbr.: ABC1 Order status: Scheduled

Actual sales order
1000 Syringes 0.5ml scaled (gauge) (Finished product)

So you are saying that this situation (actual order for other type of barrel) changes the requirement for the barrel, and the order firmed for it (#3) would be useless.
When the order is in a status different than Created you cannot make any change in the order, but if you reset the status of the order to Created, then you can change the item number for which it was created, and assign the same batch number for this new order. So you can keep the same order number, for the new barrel with the same batch number than the other components. I’m assuming that the batch number sequence is manual.

You cannot make the orders go to production from master planning in a status=Created becouse that is the way the system works assuming that the suggestion in master planning was analyzed, so the status is ahead of just Created, but once in production, as I say, you can (with the reset function) take it back to Created to make the changes.

In our case the ( reset function) dose not satisfy the need, i would say that you can not change the item number for the created order if you want that it will be a new order, the example you mention is similar, but to make it clear more i would mention the more specific example, so this discussion can be value-added to any body,

The forecast:

1000 syringes 2.5 ml (Needle size 23 / 1.25)>> Finished goods (Item 1111)

Planned order from master planning:

1000 syringes 2.5 ml (Needle size 23 / 1.25)>> Finished goods (Item 1111)

Production orders ( after firming the planned order)

  1. Level 0 >> 1000 syringes 2.5 ml (Needle size 23 / 1.25) Finished goods (Item 1111)

prod order No. 1 // Batch No. 1234 (Auto Seq.) Order status: Scheduled

  1. L**evel 1>>**1000 Assembled syringes 2.5 ml (Needle size 23 / 1.25)

prod order No. 2 // Batch No. 1234 Order status: Scheduled

  1. L**evel 2>>**1000 Barrel syringes

prod order No. 3 // Batch No. 1234 Order status: Scheduled

  1. L**evel 2>>**1000 Plunger syringes

prod order No. 4 // Batch No. 1234 Order status: Scheduled

Actual sales order

1000 syringes 2.5 ml (Needle size 21 / 1.25) Finished goods (Item 1112)

To meet the changes the Prod order No. 1 should be Deleted, so firstly we should reset its status to created ( this will delete all child orders) ,then we delete the parent order and create a new order for (Item 1112), the new Prod order will take a new Batch no. lets say 1235, and this will result a gap on the sequence, which is not acceptable, so the planned order should be firmed just upon approving the SO.

We replaced the task of the person who firm the orders to approve it and the production will firm only the approved orders, to control this we need to prevent the production from firming unless the orders are approved, this will need a modification and this is the all story.

Always a problem when you are making an item forecasted that no one wants [:D]

The batch is created and real - I presume you have to create the batch at creation and not at inventory update for labelling in the process etc.?

Yes Adam you are right, the batch should be created when the order is created for labeling.

Ok Emad, It seems to be the end of the story then…

Have you think in creating the production order directly from the sales order? This will avoid the creation of unnecesary orders almost at a 100%, becouse when a planned order is approved is based on what? the actual sales order? And then master planning will be used just for estimate future demand of materials.

Good luck!

It would be too late, they plan to forecast with common components ensuring these are in stock, and then manufacture purely with a process lead time to the customer. Generating it from the sales order alone would need high independent stocking levels of components, and a forecast gives them a better spread for the components, even if the parent item is wrong. Still I am just guessing - not my requirement :slight_smile: