Finsql delayed start

Hy ,

We have a client with a issue that we could not resolve so i ask for your help :

On a windows 7(32) machine we have installed an sql database (local) with navision 2009 r2. When we try to start the finsql.exe sau fin.exe services we have to wait 26 seconds for the services to start . After it starts it works beautiful . We tryed to log with administrator rights (both domain administrator and local computer administrator) but the services is starting the same way . If we disable the network card it starts in 2 seconds . We reinstalled the client 3 times . We tryed on severel users with no succes . A computer with the same hardware configuration at another client starts the nav services in a few seconds , so there is no hardware problem . Can anyone help us please ?

I don’t understand what you mean by the “Finsql.exe services”. “Finsql.exe” is the client executable. It’s not a service. Can you provide some clarification to what you are trying to do?

Check whether firewall block the executable finsql.exe

Sorry , my mistake . I reffer to the executable . The problem is that when we try to start the navision classic client (sql or normal) it starts in 25 seconds . Any other program it starts in a few seconds (office 2010 , browsers , pdf reader , etc…)

The windows firewall service is disabled . This also could not be the problem because the application would not start at all if it was blocked by the firewall .

Have you found any solution for this behaviour? We are facing the same problem :-/…