Finish goods

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Using Nav Dynamics 5.0. On finished production order we have discrepancy beetween value of output(received from WIP)DEBIT side and value of Credit side (COGS). **All I can see it is caused with stock adjustment.**How it is possibly to have different values Debit and credit side of same GL accounty .Any idea of solving this and explanation?

Also is there any topic about how stock adjustment work?

During order is opened i stock adjustment adjustf price o consumed material.When order is closed it make clearing the balance of Cost expected for FG and post FG with cost actual. After that I think that further stock adjustment should not implicate on finished order? Correct? Any help on that issue…

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Have you run Adjust Cost? Your cost on production orders will not be correct until they are finished, all consumption entries are applied, and Adjust Cost has been run.

Yes. Actually stock adjustment make difference.I have doubt that cost adjustment works wrong.