FINDSET(TRUE) causes Runtime Error

If you set the first parameter in the FINDSET function to TRUE in Microsoft Business Solutions - Navision 4.0 Service Pack 1, you receive a runtime error. The program ignores the handling of the return value. This problem occurs if there is no record in the filter. This is a known issue. A hotfix can be obtained from Microsoft for solving this issue. File name File version File size Date Time Platform Cfront.dll 871,224 18-Dec-2005 23:27 x86 Fin.exe 7,940,920 18-Dec-2005 23:27 x86 Nas.exe 1,399,608 18-Dec-2005 23:27 x86 I’m currently trying to get it. As soon as I have it I will provide it here in the download area. read more

Hi, I have already got the Hotfix,. I will add it to the download section. regards Daniel

Hmm, sorry can’t upload. The file is too big… regards Daniel

Was the same for me. So if you find this happening just contact Microsoft, they will send you a mail with a link and a password