Finding Source table if FormID/name is known

Hi, Suppose I select a formID and FormName from lookup(from AllObjwithCaption table) then how to find the source table behind the selected form on Lookup.Suggestions are required.

Try this:PROCEDURE TblIDFromFormID(FormID : Integer) : Integer VAR Obj : Record 2000000001; InStr : InStream; NxtInt : Integer; BEGIN IF Obj.GET(Obj.Type::Form,'',FormID) THEN BEGIN Obj.CALCFIELDS("BLOB Reference"); Obj."BLOB Reference".CREATEINSTREAM(InStr); WHILE NOT InStr.EOS DO BEGIN InStr.READ(NxtInt); IF (NxtInt = 283173) AND (NOT InStr.EOS) THEN BEGIN InStr.READ(NxtInt); EXIT(NxtInt); END; END; END; EXIT(0); END

Thanks fritz->Its working