Find image location and see those images


I have a SSRS report which has some images. I need to find locations of those images?

I am not sure whether those images exist in my local system because this ssrs report is brought into my dev environment from TFS sync


I tried to find it in

  • resources and system documentation in AOT.

  • C:\inetpub\wwwroot

  • In the TFS folder where the visual studio projects > Dyanamics AX model projects location but none here too

I am not sure where I can find the image location and see those images

Kindly advice.


Shankar Iyer :slight_smile:

The image could be saved with the SSRS file, use Visual studio to open the SSRS, can go to the “images” node to find the JEG file.

Hello Kwen,
The screenshot shows the properties of that Image in visual studio.
I cannot go to the actual image file from there

Please let me know if you have any questions.
SI :slight_smile:

Right-click the image control and choose Image Properties. Then look at the value of Select the image source and source-specific fields below it.

Hello Martin,
I hope you saw the screenshot I have attached above.
I just see … in front of Image source which says System.Drawing .Bitmap
When I click on “…” it takes me to a folder location but the images are not there

Kindly advice
SI :slight_smile:

Yes, I see your picture, but it shows a different thing than what I’m talking about. Please follow my instructions.

Hello Martin,

  • In this above link, in fix 1 under conditionally applying section,

=iif(Parameters!IsTest.Value,“TestWatermark”,"") this code is used

  • So here the image is TestWatermark… is there a way I can locate the location of this image? please let me know


Thanks for all your above comments

Hope to hear from you soon!

  • SI :slight_smile:

In that case, the image source (which you would have seen in the Image properties dialog) is Embedded. It’s not a reference to an external file (as if the image source was External); the image is embedded in the report itself.

Hi Martin,

So is there a way to see those embedded images in the report by any chance.

I did some search on embedded resources in AX 2012 and found form SysImageResources


Can I find those embedded images in SysImageResources form??

Does SysImageResources form contain both customized images or out-of-the-box images??

My apologies for too many questions but i need to view those images

Thank you


Embedded images is a feature of SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS); it has nothing to do with resources in Dynamics AX. You can learn more about images in SSRS reports in the documentation (Images (Report Builder and SSRS)).

If you want to reuse the same image in several reports, you shouldn’t be using embedded images in the first place. You the other image sources.

If you want to extract the image, you can try Extracting Embedded Images From SSRS Report, although asking the original developer to give you the file may be an easier solution.