Find()-function, cancel search in table from code

On a table, when I run Find(’-’)-function with some filters set, Nav starts a search in that table. If it happens with a client open, I can just click cancel if i want to stop the search.

I am trying to write code so that I can cancel a search based on a condition from the code. As example; after 10 seconds, if it hasn’t found any records it should stop the search. The reason being that the code is run via NAS.

Have anyone tried to do something similar?

Hi Jimmy,

Can you update this post to solved as we solved in the Dynamics Nav Community forum - Thanks.

hmm. how?

Hi Jimmy,

By changing the keys see

The forum doesn’t display over a year old so I got it from my profile.

no I mean how do I mark it as solved?

Hi Jimmy,

Sorry my mistake - It was an old post without the functionality - I have edited the post now