find bitmap value of resources

Anyone know how we can find bitmap value of resources in ax 2012…

The form Tutorial_resources

how ??? i can implement in my code


Look at this article:…/use-resource-files-in-axapta

display Bitmap ResourceImage()
return SysResource::getResourceNodeData(SysResource::getResourceNode(resourceStr(ActionAdvance)));

code compile without error
but in below code
in my these method

void insertImage(int _idx,
str _xlRowCol,
Bitmap _value)
range = excelWorkSheet.Range(_xlRowCol);
here , range.value(_value); my program return error during run the code

bitmap value is pass by display method , i know its hardcore for one resource image ;
if you any one scenerio how we can pass resources as a parameter then help me…

That’s not a correct way for adding pictures to Excel. Look at How can I export Image to excel??, for example.